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June 27, 2013 2:02 pm

act_forex_tradingActForex is a company that is responsible for the founding and development of several Forex trading platforms. These platforms are used by some of the most reputable Forex brokers due to their functionality, reliability, safety and bright future. The base platform that this company develops is ActTrader, but they also offer ActWebTrader, ActPhone, ActPad and ActDroid – platforms that can be used via a web browser, tablet or a smartphone device.

The platform developed by ActTrader really went a long way the past couple of years. The first version came out in 2009 and its features were quite limited, so not many brokers took advantage of it. However, nowadays it is the second most functional Forex trading platform after Meta Trader 4 and by the look of things, it won’t be long before ActTrader turns into the most functional, reliable and widely used Forex trading platform on the market.

ActForex features a set of helpful features that will be appreciated by both experienced and inexperienced traders. The application offers a very use-friendly interface combined with interesting features that will certainly help you become a better trader. One of the key features that ActTrader has is the ability to trade amounts instead of lots.

You can also quickly customize the workspace according to your needs and requirements. If you want to start trading, you just need to click on the chart that you are looking at, and the application will show you the trading menu.

Another thing that most of you will like about ActTrader is the fact that it features a trailing stop – a function that few other platforms offer. Many of you will also probably like the integrated trend indication that instantly shows you if a currency pair is worth trading.

As soon as you open the trading platform and sign-in with your user, you’ll see the introduction interface which features some general tips and a set of training videos whose goal is to familiarize you with the platform’s interface and key features. I strongly recommend watching the videos if you want to take full advantage of ActTrader’s capabilities. Of course, the interface is quite simple, so you’ll easily learn to use it even if you don’t take a look at the video tutorials.

Overall, ActTrader is a very unique platform that has a bright future ahead of it. It is very user-friendly, features a wide range of trading tools, detailed tutorials and finally, a simple and well-arranged interface.

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