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May 20, 2013 2:34 pm

australian_forexBest Australian forex brokers reviewed by Find out where to trade currency, stocks and commodities in Australia. When we speak about Australian foreign exchange market, it is highly important to know a few things – first, there is AFXC which comes from Australian Foreign Exchange Committee, and this is the representative committee of the Australian forex trading market.

It operates under the RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia). Membership is made with some of the leading foreign exchange banks and includes representatives from ACI and the Australian Financial Markets Association.

The RBA formed a foreign exchange market consultative group back in 184 and later the AFXC has evolved from it.

The objectives that are set to the committee have a really important role to the overall status of the forex trading market of Australia. Here are some of them:

AFXC must provide forum for all forex market participants. There they should be able to discuss various issues and solve problems regarding the development of the foreign exchange market of the country. The committee should act as a conduit between the RBA and the Forex market. .It has to promote and develop the best possible risk managements for the forein exchange market and its participants A forum should be provided and it should be used to interact with other committees from all over the world.

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AFXC is really important even for the volatility and liquidity of the market of Australia because even the slightest change reflects on the currency trend. For example, even if a new member is chosen, the volatility changes. Membership in the committee is flexible and reflects lots of changes as soon as they occur in the market and vice versa.

Individuals are selected within each institution and they have different responsibilities, status and ideas. Every single member plays a significant role in the market and thus each person is really important for the respective organization.

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