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May 20, 2013 3:00 pm

China_forexBest chinese forex brokers reviewed by Find out where to trade currency, stocks and commodities in China. When it comes to Forex history, China is one of the countries that has relatively long history compared to many other regions and markets around the world. However, the regulations are not really clear on the margin forex status as a tradable class of assets for institutional investors and retailers. Moreover, the size of China attracts investors all over the world.

Nowadays China overtook Japan, and it is now the the second largest economy in the world in terms of GDP. The general fundamentals and economy have always been boosting the economy glory of the nation. As always – new cash means new opportunities for investments.

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The vibrant financial market of China has reached new levels. There are two major developed stock exchanges in China – Shenzhen and Shanghai. Together they include more than 1600 registered companies. The Shanghai Stock exchange is actually the 5th largest in the world when it comes to volumes. Of course the key drivers are the retail investors of China. They make up the majority with nearly 70% of the volume.

The reason because of which the commodity derivatives grow that much is China is one of the supplying leaders and is using mainly commodities. The turnover of the three commodity future exchanges of China – Zhengzhou, Dalian and Shanghai was approximately 19$ trillion, reported in 2009. It is the biggest commodity futures market thanks to its average turnover (daily) – around 500 billion Yuan.

Initially the Forex trading started gaining more and more popularity in China since the number internet users started increasing. Therefore, new opportunities for investment were revealed because of the low level of capital entry and the high returns possibility. Through the last couple of years the stock market was bullish, the liquidity in China’s trading hours was not attractive at all.

China offers great opportunities, and this is what many foreign brokers caught on. FXCM managed to set up a regulated entity in Hong Kong but the margin trade rules were not enough clear. CMC Markets, which are UK-based, followed FXCM and got authorized by CRBC and now they are able to offer “non-business” service to lots of China residents. This is why CMC Markets are one of the leaders when it comes to Forex Trading, major commodities or stock indices.

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