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June 30, 2013 6:38 am

demo_forexInvesting real money in the Forex market before getting familiar with it is a huge mistake and you’ll end up losing all your money if you do it. Instead of wasting the money you’ve worked so hard for, you can start by registering a demo account and practicing Forex trading with virtual money. Demo accounts are supported by just about every major Forex broker, so it is fairly easy to find a broker that supports this type of account.

The demo account is the perfect opportunity for novice traders to get familiar with the Forex market, find out how it operates, learn more about its specifics, and learn how to use the trading platform that their broker supports.

You won’t find a successful Forex trader who hasn’t used a demo account during his career, because it is impossible to do this. Demo accounts are even used by experienced traders, because they provide them with a quick, safe and free way to test different strategies and tactics.

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Another cool thing about demo accounts is that you have access to an unlimited amount of virtual money. This means that you can start by opening big trades in order to learn how to calculate your profit/losses, and to get familiar with the most popular Forex trading methods. The demo account is also a great opportunity to familiarize with the trading platform’s interface and how to take advantage of its functions.

If you want to become a successful trader, you’ll also need to learn to take advantage of the trend, read candlesticks, bars and charting data. The demo account gives you access to all these tools, and you can use them to try and predict the price movement of a specific currency pair.

Keep in mind that when you start trading with real money, you’ll need to be much more careful, and you’ll often be influenced by your emotions. However, trusting your emotions is a huge mistake, and you should learn to suppress them.

We advise you to try and use your demo account to make trades as if you were trading with real money. This means that you’ll invest small amounts of money and try to minimize the risk of losing. The best idea is to spend at least a month trading with virtual money, before investing real money into your account.

Thanks to the demo account, you can create your own trading styles and you can also prepare a set of strategies and systems that you’ll use throughout your career. Never hesitate to use your demo account if you want to test something new, because it Is a bad idea to risk your money with a new strategy or system.

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