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July 3, 2013 8:12 am

Italy_forexHere you will find reviews of the top forex brokers operating in Italy. The Italian Forex market hasn’t been looking so well lately, but the truth is that this market has never been one of the leaders worldwide. Its development isn’t very rapid, because of the strict laws, regulations and limits set by the regulatory bodies in Italy. Despite this fact, the government is still making thing harder for traders, by limiting certain trading activities.

A good example for a bad move by the Italian government is the recent ban of binary options trading. Thankfully, Forex trading isn’t limited for now and the Italian government has no intention of doing this in the near future.

The Italian Forex market was in its prime before the year 2002. During this time the official currency in Italy was the lira, and it was one of the main reasons why the Italian Forex market was an important part of the worldwide foreign exchange market. However, with Italy’s acceptance in the European Union and the fact that the country adopted the Euro as its official currency, the Italian Forex market started to lose its good position.

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Currently, the Italy foreign exchange market is controlled and regulated by the European Central Bank and the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission (Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa or COBSOB). However, Italy is not an attractive destination for both Forex traders and brokers, because the terms, conditions, policies and regulations set by the government aren’t very friendly towards them. Despite this fact, there are still many Italian traders who use the services of foreign Forex trading agencies.

Unfortunately, this has almost no importance for Italy’s foreign exchange market since it receives little to none money from trades executed with brokers which aren’t registered with CONSOB.

Other factors that contribute to the Italy foreign exchange market’s struggle is the flat interest rate of 4% set by the European Central Bank, the constantly increasing loan payments, taxes and oil prices that trouble all Italian citizens.

Some of the main factors that determine the condition, stability and volatility of the Italy foreign exchange market are the political and economic climate in Europe, inflation and trade levels, economic growth, market psychology and the most recent important events that have impact on the global market. Speculators can also play an important role in the Italy foreign exchange market, but these cases occur rather rarely, so they are often neglected by traders.

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