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July 5, 2013 7:54 am

dutch_forexTop rated Forex brokers in Netherlands reviewed by BinaryTribune. The financial market in Netherlands is regulated by the Euronext N.V, which is a pan-European stock exchange and it is based in Paris. It also has subsidiaries in different countries such as Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Netherlands, etc. However, the Amsterdam foreign exchange market is considered to be one of the oldest all over Europe and it has always been preferred by lots of traders out there.

Another market worthy of paying attention to is the financial market in Netherlands. However, there are visible ups and downs of the Euronext stock exchange and in order to have a better idea of the financial market of Netherlands, it is important for you to go through any available information that you can find on internet. Remember, that it is always better to know how to reduce your expenses, rather than just trying to increase your winnings.

As technology is going to its peak these days, the whole procedure of sharing of information has become really easily accessible and this is why many people are paying attention to the forex trading. After all you can access all the information you want just by making a couple of clicks. So basically, finding information regarding the forex trading and market in Netherlands should not be a major problem at all.

Best Forex Brokers in Netherlands

The central bank of the Netherlands is De Nederlandsche Bank and it controls the issuing and distributing of the currency in the nation. The banks is part of the ESCB (European System of Central Bank) and its main function is to take care of the country’s economy.

This should be achieved by making different regulations on the financial markets, if needed. Ever since 2002, the official currency of the Netherlands is the Euro but before this – it was gulden.

As for the economy of the country – it is largely dependent on the foreign trade as well as supply and demand. However, the country enjoys open economy and so far it is considered as one of the most prosperous nations all over Europe.

The financial market itself shows stable industrial relations, low inflation and has a sizable account surplus while being a really important transportation hub.

The most important sector of the economy of the Netherlands is the industrial activities such as chemicals manufacturing, petroleum refining, food processing, producing electrical machinery. So make sure that you are strictly following news related to those things because they have a strong influence on the forex market in Netherlands.

Here are brokers that you can use in Netherlands:
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