Ayondo Social Trading

Ayondo Social Trading

You will learn about the following concepts

  • Tips for trading at Ayondo
  • Career level and real money traders
  • Always look for open trades

Even though Ayondo is not among the giants in the field, it’s still a great platform for forex, equities and commodities social trading. The number of users drawn to Ayondo’s allure is growing exponentially. Even though it won’t soon reach the top where the titans reside, you can be sure that this is not the last time you’re hearing about Ayondo. Here are some tips you find useful.

Advanced Tips

binary_options_tipsThe beauty of social trading is that all the good platforms offer you the unique to try out your skills and understanding of the market with virtual currency. This means that you can trade, but you don’t risk any of your real money. Sadly, this also means that you won’t be able to reap the eventual profits, but that’s to be expected considering the lack of risk. Always utilize this option – whether it is for trying out a trader or a new system you’ve devised, the benefits for running simulations to see how well it goes are beyond obvious.

Take Your Time

time_stopAlways spend a lot of time in evaluating traders. Ayondo’s community is truly the selling point of the platform, and indeed there are many good traders who have decided to use it, but this doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to win. Use graphs, number of followers, everything at your disposal and choose carefully. It’s very important to note that the number of followers will be both from live and demo account followers. This a huge blunder on part of Ayondo in our opinion, but that ‘s how things are (at least for now). This means that you need to be even careful. In many other platforms, the number of followers would be one of your top indicators, and even though it still has some power here, it shouldn’t be the main reason you decide to follow someone.

Career Level

career_ladder_up-512The graphs, one the other hand, are a much better indicator of the overall performance of the trader, so you should pay special attention to them. Another great indicator, more unique to Ayondo is the career level each trader has. It’s constituted by taking into account both risk and performance, so it’s a fairly accurate representation of what the trader has done so far and how successful he has been.

Follow Experienced Traders

ayondoOnce again, we urge you to follow mostly experienced traders. This doesn’t lead to any guarantees, of course, but it’s a good start. Experienced traders have been tested a lot more than new ones, and so they are much easier to evaluate based on their performance.

Real Money Traders

low-riskNot all of the most successful traders use their own money in their trades. This is sort of cheating, but hey, what can we do? It’s important to know this, though, because it’s way easier to risk virtual money than risk your own cash. This means that you can make a killing in many of the trades you’re entering simply because you don’t care about the risk. Luckily, this time Ayondo didn’t screw up – you can actually see if a trader uses his own money or not. There is a golden “R” in the form of a badge on the trader’s profile. If you want to be sure that the trader you’re following is a real money trader, look for that badge.

Risk Management

Once you create your account, risk measurements like MAR and sharp ratios begin immediately. This means that when looking at these indicators, we have to consider how long the trader has been in the game. For more experienced traders, these values are more stable and ensure that what we see on the graph reflects the traders’ actual risk taking. In the case of younger traders, this may not be the case.

Always Look at Open Trades

social_tradingThis is true about every other platform, as well, but especially for Ayondo since the community is much smaller. It’s important to look at open trades. Sometimes traders would not close open trades and would remain there in their profile. This is a perfect way to improve your stats and enter the top trades. This means that, since the community is much smaller, many of the traders who are in the top list might actually be applying this trick. In order to make sure that they’re not doing this, you need to check their profiles carefully and see what you can find there. If there lots of open trades, don’t follow. If there aren’t lots of open trades, then you’re one step closer to finding what you were looking for.

Final Words

22955584-the-end-icon-or-sign-to-finish-point-way-outAyondo is a great welcoming platform that allows new traders to be in touch with much more experienced ones. Even though the community is still rather small, it’s growing quickly and offers some of the most experienced traders there are. The platform is simply superb. It’s much better for newer traders than ZuluTrade is, although it’s not as good eToro. Still, it’s very viable and you should definitely give it a try if you want to become a trader. Just be careful with whom you’re following and why. Don’t always trust the numbers.